Felicity Jones aka "Ferra Steele"

Acrobatic Circus Allomancer


Template: Focused Practitioner
High Concept: The Flying Fullmetal Arcanist
Trouble: Carnies ‘Cant’ Be Normal
Other Aspects:
You Won’t Believe What Mom Lets Me Read
Here’s Something You Can’t Do
’Eye’ll’ Prove Myself Someday
Synchronized Sleuthing
Two Metalminds Are Stronger Than One

4 Athletics, Discipline
3 Lore, Conviction
2 Endurance, Weapons, Might
1 Alertness, Performance, Contacts, Empathy, Presence, Stealth, Intimidation

The Musts:
Evocation (Elements- Metal, Forces and Earth) (-3)
Specialization Metal +1 Power
The Sight (-1)
Refinement (Metal +1 Control/Forces +1 Control) (-1)

Final Refresh: 2

Force Jump (Forces: 4 Maneuver Spell) — This rote allows Ferra to make powerful leaps in the air beyond the capabilities of a vanilla mortal. With her Acrobatic skills, this gives the illusion of flight through the air as she jumps. This creates the Aspect: “That’s Jumping With Style!”


Ferra was born in Poughkeepsie, NY as Felicity Jones, the daughter of Helena and Angus. Helena runs a bookshop called ‘Witchy Wonders;’ at first glance, it is a nerd magnet with sci-fi, fantasy, anime and the occasional Magic: The Gathering Tournament. The back is where the real magic happens as Helena collects, loans and sells occult/supernatural books and other interesting items. Ferra’s father, Angus, is a circus magician…and a Pyromancer.

As a child, Felicity spent a lot of time in her mother’s bookshop while her father traveled the country (he came home during the off-season to help out with the bookshop and perform odd jobs in the community). Her mother encouraged her love of magic and fantasy, and read her a crap-ton of interesting stories and lore. She also got really into manga. Her metal magic manifested for the first time while protecting her mother from a falling light fixture (metal-pushing).

Once it became obvious that their child was magical (age 8), her father decided to take her on the road to teach her how to safely and responsibly use her power. She woke up early every morning to train— gymnastics (later—aerial acrobatics once she got used to moving in different directions and controlling her body in the air). By mid-morning, she was ready to study with the other circus kids and the professional tutor travelling with them (because “real school” is necessary too). By late afternoon/early evening, she did more acrobatic training and magic lessons in secret (force jumping, learning how to telekinetically push/pull on metals to get a desired effect, etc). Over time, she learned to harness her power to sense, push and pull on metals like iron and steel. By age 14, her father deemed her mature enough to train with throwing daggers (throwing/aiming and deflecting). During the off season, they went back home to Poughkeepsie to spend quality time with her mother, show off new things she learned, and devour every book in sight.

By age 18, she was ready to become a full-fledged member of her father’s troupe, performing under the name “Ferra Steele, the Amazing Flying Dagger.” Her act includes daring aerial acrobatics without a net and throwing knives. There is a slight chance that “Ferra” uses some of her “Allomancy” during performances… and since spectators expect the magical and impossible, she can get away with quite a lot.

Guest Star Adventures:
(Cole) Ferra meets Cole— Cole and Ferra discover vampires at the circus! They feed off the audience and kill a spectator. They work together and solve the case, but Cole distrusts Ferra as a magic user. He can’t be certain if she is one of the good guys or bats for Team Evil, so he stalks her. (’Eye’ll Prove Myself Someday!‘)
(Al) Al requests a somewhat forbidden book from Helena’s library (probably on hunger magic or even some tidbits about the White Council) but it goes missing! While Al works on tracking the book down, Ferra is doing some investigating on her own for her mother. They each find clues during their respective hunts and are able to piece together the mystery. (‘Synchronized Sleuthing’)
(Fujiwara-Sensei) Fujiwara-Sensei visits ‘Witchy Wonders’ and catches up with Helena over tea. Ferra meets Fujiwara-Sensei and realizes their connections run deeper than they appear. (‘Two Metalminds are Stronger than One’)

Felicity Jones aka "Ferra Steele"

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