Ichiro Fujiwara


Name: Ichiro Fujiwara 藤原 一朗
Template: Focused Practitioner
High Concept: Humble Servant of the Seven Virtues of Bushido
Trouble: Loyalty to a less-than-honorable clan

Aspect: Carrier of a Sacred Blade
Aspect: Little Fish, Big Pond
Aspect: “Schooled” by Tengu
Aspect: Dishonored
Aspect: Mentor Figure

Ageless Warrior [sword-granted] (0)
Mortal Stunt : Schooled by Tengu- [+1 Weapons favored by Tengu, cost: 1 Fate Point]
Guide My Hand ( cost: 1)
Channeling ( cost: 2) Metal
Rotes: [trigger words: Portuguese. 1 – heat, 2 – distract , 3- armor , 4- slice ]
1: Too hot to handle (offensive maneuver) (power 2, zone 1)
“Quente!” heats all metals to an uncomfortable heat, forcing people to drop them or roll to hold onto them.
2: 100 points of disruption (Counterspell) (power 4)
“Distração!” (100 meaning many), small bits of pointed metal fly out into a zone, distracting the caster and forcing them to lose their concentration – disrupting an evocation that has already been cast or disrupting a spell already in place.
3: Samurai Armor (Soak) (power 3, dur 1 minute) (total power of 5 – spend fate or aspect)
“Armadura!” Armor, plated and shaped much like that of the old samurai, complete with helmet, appears and covers the caster completely, protecting them for the duration of the spell. One of Ichiro’s favorite, and an easy way to carry around protection that is no longer so conventional. The spell-armor is in the same style, but just a touch more flexible than his original armor.
4: Swiftest Cut (Sword) (Attack) (power 5) – must hit with sword +3 (total 8)
“Corte!” Using the sword in a single, swift motion, the caster attacks. Range is limited to what the sword can actually touch in melee.

Sharpest Blade – 6×1, 5×3 or 4×5 (4×5- used – I)
Extended version of Swiftest Cut, hitting not only what the sword can touch, but also extending beyond the sword in a straight line. Can be used for ranged attack. 6 – 5 pts of damage, two zones away.
Origin: Previously a masterwork Tachi sword, re-cut to become a katana. Signature of sword-maker was lost in the re-cutting in the 1500s. Maker unknown.

Refinement (-1)
+1 Power Bonus to Metal Spells

Item of Power: Sword (-3)
2-handed katana
Focus +2 Power Offensive for Metal Spells
Weaponry 3

Divine Purpose: (must be swung with true selfless purpose in mind and heart, not to be used on innocents. If this is not the case, the bond between the character and the sword are broken. When swung without such purpose in mind and heart, the blow does not land, the bond is immediately broken, and the sword falls from the wielder’s hand.

Unbreakable: Cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.

Imparted Abilities:
Inhuman speed (-2) – [Economy of motion]. (YS 178)
Alertness at +4 for determining initiative
Athletics checks made at +1, including dodge.
When moving as part of another physical activity, may move one zone without taking the -1 penalty for a supplemental action.
Holy Touch (-1) mod: All Creatures are Equal Before God
While acting with a pure heart and selfless purpose, your very touch is harmful to creatures vulnerable to such things. (Skipping requirement for Righteousness)
If you act in keeping with your calling, keeping a pure heart and selfless purpose, your touch can be imbued with a holy power. This could qualify your touch as satisfying a Catch for the Toughness powers of some creatures. Even if not, creatures that would be an offense to your faith take a 1-stress hit from being touched by you. You may have your touch jsutify a compel on the high concept of any creature that would be offensive to your faith. This way, you might be able to hold them at bay temporarily or otherwise keep them from attacking you.

Fate Points: 2 (2 used)

Physical (Endurance x3) – o-o-o
Mental (Conviction x4) – o-o-o-o
Social (Presence x3) – o-o-o

Skills: (26)
Alertness: 2
Contacts: 1
Conviction: 3
Discipline: 3
Empathy: 2
Endurance: 1
Lore: 4
Medicine: 1
Presence: 2
Resources: 1
Scholarship: 1 (trauma)
Survival: 1
Weapons: 4 (+1 with stunt)


Bushido Code:

The Bushidō code is typified by seven virtues:
Rectitude (義 gi)
Courage (勇氣 yūki)
Benevolence (仁 jin)
Respect (禮 rei)
Honesty (誠 makoto)
Honor (名誉 meiyo)
Loyalty (忠義 chūgi)

Ichiro Fujiwara

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