Cole sanders


High concept – true believer
For God and Country: At All Costs

Enemies of the State, both foreign and Domestic.

Defender of Justice
God helps those who help themselves, to extra ammo…
There’s always something bigger
I am the rock in the river
Dude! She’s like your sister.

Guide my Hand (1)
Holy Touch (1)
Righteousness (2)
Person of Conviction (1)
Artifact: Wyatts’ gun (2)
– This gun can, REALLY DO ANYTHING! (1)
– Channeling Spirit (2)
– Supernatural Toughness (4) – Weakness Fire
– Stop aging (0)

Refresh – 8 (7 spent) 2 soft cap


Conviction, Guns

Endurance, Burglary

Athletics, Stealth, Might, Resources

Alertness, Contacts, Discipline, Intimidation, Lore

Hit Boxes:
Physical 8 Max
Social 2 Max
Mental 4 Max


Cole is a US Army Ranger, who was loaned out to various Alphabet organizations within the US military Industrial Complex. He served his country well and was dishonorably discharged after coming down with PTSD after seeing the supernatural overseas.

This made Cole truly start to believe in the things in the old testament. He realized that maybe the new testament had it wrong. He has since started to look for demons and devils in everyday life. In Albany, during his convalescence he met Alfred Aldaris who taught him more about the supernatural. More than he ever wanted.

Now his only mission is to help those in need and punish the wicked for His God and His Country.

Cole sanders

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