Dresden Files: Albany Region

Ep. 2: MRI (Magical Resonance Imaging)

The Misfits rendezvous at Al’s house, The Hearth, a split level house with the former owner, Matilda, living in the first floor residence.

The victim is a werewolf from The Dock Rats named Anton “Firestarter” HJepson, who is neither magically endowed nor an arsonist. Anton has a Nauthuz rune magically tattooed/branded under his left shoulderblade, which was confirmed magical as it was not silvered and a normal tattoo would have been regenerated over. One of the dock rats recognized him as going to Marienne’s Rageaholics Anonymous meetings at St. Mary’s church in South Albany, near the Mission.

We call up everyone’s resident rager, Detective Ted Knight and make plans to attend that nights meeting. Meanwhile Elsa Anna whips up an ice compass with the help of Fujiwara, a trip to stewart’s, and some careful preparation to seek out strong sources of power similar to that found in the Nauthis symbol.. pointing to One Alfred Aldaris. After a few unnecessary threats and unwelcome allegations, Al finally manages to get a word in to explain anything at all to his thunderheaded companions :D He head’s down to the basement fora bit until Ted arrives. Al and Ferra ride with Ted while Anna and Fujiwara ride to to rageaholics anonymous meeting. Anna stakes out the door with here Ice Compass, Cole stakes out the room with a tranq. sniper, fujiwara stays in the car to observe from afar, Al takes the begrudging Ted in with him, and Ferra goes looking for friends. Two practitioners are recognized by Al, one an older guy with a frizzy grey ponytail and lively eyes, the other a younger guy with a sad look to him and greasy blonde hair- both of whom later set off Anna’s Ice Compass. One Donald Morgan enters causing one green haired chap to flee the scene, earning him not one but 2 tranq darts and a zip tie surprise in the back of Cole’s truck. Usually those darts put someone out for 4 hours, not 30 min…. hmmm. Donald is not a newbie nor requested to share with the group. He is interested to know if Al has any info on the whereabouts of Chiyoko and is only a little interested in hearing Al’s concerns of the past year. I’d call this progress. At the meeting we meet Marienne, a young red haired girl who we learned the hard way is not magically inclined but IS in fact properly prepared to deal with unwelcome advances ;D Both of the minor folk Al recognize set off Anna’s Ice Compass and Cole tranqs/zip ties/trucks both of them. The quiet mousy haired girl also sets off the alarm and gives chase to Cole, who ends up tracking her down only after she vaults iron fences and slips over with a dart in her back. Anna and chiyoko are in wait to conclude their information gathering and Al stumbles to the gross bathroom to wash the pepper spray out of his eyes. She apologized profusely. Al considers this progress…. because he found out she wasn’t a practitioner.



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